PoE Dual Port Network Card

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Please make sure that your computer has an available PCI Express x1 slot for this card before purchase.

Efficient Dual-Port POE Camera Card: This card simplifies your two-camera setup by using a single cable per camera for both power and data. It's quick and easy to install, ensuring a clean setup.

Enhanced Computer Performance: By handling tasks like data checking and splitting, the card lightens your computer's workload, allowing it to run more efficiently for other tasks.

Durable and Heat-Resistant Design: Built for endurance and prolonged use, the card features a secure connection design and a large metal component for effective cooling, preventing overheating.

Ideal for Dual-Camera Systems: This card is an excellent choice for anyone needing a two-camera system with combined power and data transmission. It ensures simplicity, durability, and compatibility, making it an ideal complement to your golf analysis software and cameras.

Combination: Whilst running two POE cameras over this card, it becomes very easy to add a USB camera, which connects to a USB 3 port on the computer. This configuration results in a powerful and insightful system, offering three fully synchronized camera angles for comprehensive coverage.


2-port Ethernet card needed to run our PoE cameras. 

Please make sure that your computer has an available PCI Express x1 slot for this card.

• Dual Port 100/1000Mbps Industry Adapter
• PCI Express (PCIe) v2.1(2.5GT/s) x2 lanes
• Supports +12V DC AT/ATX input
• Powered Device (PD) auto detection and classification per PoE+ port
• Support 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af, two port delivers up to 30W of power, 95W total power budget
• 2.25KV Isolation protection on LAN ports and power
• Support WOL,PXE boot