Level 2 Certification Workshop at Rinkven Golf, August 17 2022

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This is a Level 2 workshop where 80% of the session will be practical work on the single Motion Plate.

When: August 17 2022, 09:00-16:00
Where: Rinkven Golf Club in Antwerpen, Belgium
Included: Lunch, free Online Level 2 voucher

Our knowledgeable Research Director Dr. Scott Lynn will host the workshop, providing useful exercises and drills for understanding and improving the golfer's use of ground reaction forces. 

In addition to Dr. Scott, our experienced  Ambassador Filip Goovaerts will participate in the workshop. Filip will also provide French, Flemish, and Dutch translations during the workshop.

By purchasing a ticket to the workshop you will get a free voucher for our Online Level 2 Certification course, worth $79. 

Please note: Taking and passing our online Level 2 Certification Course beforehand is a mandatory requirement unless you are Level 2 certified already.


What to expect:

  • Deeper understanding of ground reaction forces (GRFs) and how they affect the swing
  • Learn drills and exercises you can start using immediately
  • GRF screening
  • Increase your clubhead speed


See Dr. Scott analyze a world class long driver and a world class player: