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John Dunigan is a PGA Master Professional, a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, a US Kids Top 50 Master Teacher, and a Golf Range Magazine Top 50 Growth of the Game Teacher. He is a 6-time Philadelphia PGA Section award winner with four Teacher of the Year awards a Junior Golf Leader award and a Horton Smith award. Dunigan has written three books: Essential Golf, The Secret of the Golf Swing, and HOLE IT!. He has created three instruction videos: The Secret of YOUR Golf Swing, Slice Buster, and Professional Impact. He has partnered with Dr. Will Wu PhD to create The Skilled Coaching Alliance, which is a semester-long education program for golf coaches, designed to help them blend motor learning science with golf coaching to deliver better outcomes for their students as well as their places of business.

Coaching mainly competitive golfers of all levels as well as enthusiastic club golfers, John is a holistic, total-game coach who is well versed in motor learning and skill acquisition science. He is well known in the golf instruction world for his ability to synthesize the latest golf swing analysis technology with the most recent research in motor learning so that he can deliver world-class instruction in the clearest, most uncomplicated terms. As such, he sits on the advisory boards of several golf technology companies.    

Two quotes from Dunigan: “The golf ball tells you how good your swing is,” and "practice variability is the key to learning.

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