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February 10th, limited seats

Hosts: Dr. Scott Lynn,
Special Guests: John Dunigan and Dr. Will Wu
Date: Monday, February 10th
Time: 9am-5pm  
Location: Golf and Body NYC, New York, New York
Price: $195 including lunch

Join Swing Catalyst, the world leader in video software and ground force technology for a one-day Workshop. The workshop is designed for golf teaching professionals, fitness experts, medical professionals and golfers alike to understand the connection to the ground to optimize impact conditions and maximize clubhead speed.

Your host for the Swing Catalyst workshop is Dr. Scott Lynn, PhD in Biomechanics, California State University, Director of Research and Development for Swing Catalyst with special guests John Dunigan, PGA Master Professional at Applebrook GC, PA and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and the 2017 Philly PGA Teacher of the Year & Dr. Will Wu, California State University - Department of Kinesiology, the Director of the Center for Sport Training and Research and received his PhD in Business Logistics and Marketing from Pennsylvania

Why guess when you can measure?

During the seminar, attendees will learn how the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate can help visualize the invisible forces that are required to produce powerful and efficient golf swings. Swing Catalyst will integrate club and ball data during the seminar using a launch monitor. All data presented by the launch monitor is then stored together with the matching video images and data from the 3D Motion Plate. This provides the best possible combination of golf technologies available in the world today.