Workshop October 3rd at The Landings Club, Georgia

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This is a Level 2 workshop where 80% of the session will be practical work on the Dual Motion Plate. Participants will get to see our brand new Motion Catalyst software in action. 

When: Monday October 3rd 2022, 09:00-16:00

Where: The Landings Club, Georgia
Included: Lunch, free Online Level 2 voucher

Our knowledgeable Research Director Dr. Scott Lynn will lead the workshop along with co-host Joe Plecker, providing useful exercises and drills for understanding and improving the golfer's use of ground reaction forces.

By purchasing a ticket to the workshop you will get a free voucher for our Online Level 2 Certification course, worth $79. 

Please note: Taking and passing our online Level 2 Certification Course beforehand is a mandatory requirement unless you are Level 2 certified already.

What to expect:

  • Deeper understanding of ground reaction forces (GRFs) and how they affect the swing
  • Learn drills and exercises you can start using immediately
  • GRF screening
  • Increase your clubhead speed


See Dr. Scott analyze a world class long driver and a world class player: